Team Evil Geniuses has revealed their new South American Dota 2 squad for the upcoming DPC 2023 season

Team Evil Geniuses has revealed their new South American Dota 2 squad for the upcoming DPC 2023 season

November 26, 2022 Off By seookbet

The Evil Genius family has officially relocated to the South American continent. EG’s long-standing North American Dota 2 lineup has been replaced by three players from the disbanded Thunder Awaken: Crhistian “Pakazs” Casanova, Farith “Matthew” Huamancaja, and Jose “Pandaboo” Hernandez.

Jean “Chris Luck” Salazar and Adrián “Wisper” Dobles, two longtime members of the “beastcoast,” were also acquired by EG to round out the roster.

This is EG’s first all-South American squad, and the news comes about a month after the team placed 9th-12th at The International 2022.

In DPC 2022, Thunder Awaken won all three South American Division 1 Tours thanks in large part to the efforts of Pakazs, Matthew, and Pandaboo.

Additionally, the three were a part of the Thunder Awaken lineup that tied for fifth place at TI11, the best result ever by a South African team at The International.

Dota 2 pro player’s ideal job: “working for a well-known Tier 1 company in the world of esports,” tweeted Matthew. A dream of mine came true today thanks to the efforts of four outstanding athletes whom I hold in the highest esteem.

Evil Geniuses Roster


Chris Luck and Wisper, meanwhile, are making significant professional advancements by joining EG. Until beastcoast’s lineup change after TI11, the two SA stars had played 449 professional games alongside Héctor “K1” Rodrguez, Elvis “Scofield” Pea, and Steven “StingeR” Mamani as part of the longest-running team in Dota 2 history.


Former Thunder Awaken coach Juan David “Vintage” Angulo Nicho and former beastcoast manager Vitória “Guashineen” Otero are also joining EG.

DPC 2023 season EG’s Dota 2 roster

(1) Crhistian “Pakazs” Casanova

(2) Jean “Chris Luck” Salazar

(3) Adrián “Wisper” Dobles

(4) Farith “Matthew” Huamancaja (captain)

(5) Jose “Pandaboo” Hernandez

Juan David “Vintage” Angulo Nicho (coach)

Vitória “Guashineen” Otero (manager)

In the DPC 2022 season, Evil Geniuses won in the last Division I regional league. Due to their victory, they will be invited to participate in the first North American Tour in the following year.

However, in light of the decision to relocate the Dota 2 squad to South America, the company will need to secure a spot in the Winter regional competition in SA’s Division I. The squad may also try to advance from Division II or engage in open qualifying.