LOL NEWS | TFT patch 12.20b : nerfs to Dragonmancers and Dragons, a repair for an issue in the Astral BUG

LOL NEWS | TFT patch 12.20b : nerfs to Dragonmancers and Dragons, a repair for an issue in the Astral BUG

October 26, 2022 Off By seookbet

GAME OKBET : Before the Dragonlands Championship in November, TFT patch 12.20b is releasing with a hotfix update that will alter the game in several ways. Although this is not the update on which the game will be played, Riot has begun adjusting the metagame with a focus on reducing the power of the Dragonmancer and the Dragon.

We are nearing the conclusion of TFT Set 7, which means the Dragonlands Championship is not far off. Patch 12.20b for the TFT is one of the last patches before the major tournament, and it reflects Riot’s efforts to fine-tune the competitive meta.

The minor patch will focus on two strong comps that are ruining pre-event preparations and will also make some augment tweaks that will have a major effect on high roll lobbies. The complete patch notes for TFT 12.20b are provided below.

When will 12.20b for TFT be released?

On Tuesday, October 25 at 12 PM PT, TFT patch 12.20b will become available. In contrast to the full service patches, TFT patch 12.20b will be released simultaneously across all territories, and you won’t need to upgrade your game launcher to take advantage of the new features.

In TFT 12.20b, what has changed?

TFT patch 12.20b

Reduced power for the dragon and the dragonmancer are two examples of recent balancing modifications.

In the TFT patch 12.20b, Riot is focused on the Dragon and Dragonmancer competitions. Due to the latter’s reroll benefits and the former’s bug, they have risen to the top of the meta by quite a distance.

TFT patch

Riot has rectified the issue where the nerfs introduced in TFT patch 12.19b to level 6 Dragon and Terra were undone. Additionally, the mana cost and duration of Shi Oh Yu’s stuns have been reduced.

The trait and Kai’Sa for Dragonmancers are being nerfed a little so that they aren’t quite as strong in the middle game. Reduces are being made to both Jax and Yone reroll, and a bug patch for Astral will make it less likely that players at level 11 will get entire sets of equipment.

In an effort to slow down the late game, Riot has removed two Prismatic augments.

High End Shopping and Level Up, two large Prismatic augments used to cap out late game boards, will be removed in TFT patch 12.20b, marking a second substantial balancing adjustment. What’s the catch? Update 12.22 for TFT will bring them back.

As lead developer Stephen ‘Mortdog’ Mortimer put it, the pair of augments “enabled you to reach end game boards too quickly,” and they’ll be removed from the game for the duration of the forthcoming Dragonlands Championship patch.

Finals should be as close as possible, yet they don’t work so well in Dragonlands if you want them to be. They’ll return for the last update.

Champions Tier 2 Jax is mentioned in TFT patch 12.20b.

Kai’Sa: 50/125 Mana: 70/140

Damage from Tidal Burst: 40/60/90 35/55/85


Hunter’s Way damage: 90/140/200 85/125/180

Tier 4
Oh Yu

Mana: 30/90 ⇒ 30/100
Jade Stun duration for Form attacks: 1.25 seconds

Tier 5 Terra

Earthquake armor and magic resist bonuses: 150/200/4000 130/165/4000
Return to the TFT patch 12.19b values.

Traits \sAstral

11-star Astral orbs no longer have a much greater probability of granting items than intended


6 Ascended Dragon stats: 40 30
Return to the TFT patch 12.19b values.


275/650/850/1000 Bonus Health 275/575/775/1000 Augments High End Shopping

Removed until TFT patch 12.22

Level Up is released.

Removed until TFT patch 12.22 is released.