MMA | After disclosing a second defamation complaint, Conor McGregor challenges Artem Lobov to a fight

MMA | After disclosing a second defamation complaint, Conor McGregor challenges Artem Lobov to a fight

December 1, 2022 0 By seookbet

Conor McGregor would rather to fight Artem Lobov than take their quarrel to court.

McGregor tweeted on Tuesday that he is being sued for defamation of character by a former colleague and buddy. Earlier this week, Lobov filed a lawsuit against McGregor, claiming that he helped create McGregor’s Proper 12 whiskey business in exchange for millions of dollars.

In 2021, McGregor and his business partners sold a controlling ownership in Proper 12 to Proximo Spirits, the parent firm of Jose Cuervo tequila, for $600 million. Lobov claims there was an agreement that wasn’t fulfilled once the transaction was finished, and he’s demanding 5% of the earnings as compensation.

There has been a second lawsuit filed against McGregor, he claims.

“Artem is now attempting to sue me and my father for slander,” McGregor tweeted. God bless you. A raw sausage is what Artem resembles most right now. You look tough, guy, so get on the pan for a minute. The Lord bless you, bro.

Now Artem is attempting to sue my dad and I for slander, ahahaja oh lord, god bless you. Artem, you have the appearance of an undercooked sausage. You look rough, man, so get on the pan for a minute. Thank God for you, bro.

“— Conor McGregor”

MMA Fighting attempted to contact Lobov and his lawyers about the alleged defamation case, but they did not respond right away.

After posting his original statement about the additional lawsuit, McGregor then recorded an audio message directed at Lobov, challenging him to a fight as a means of resolving their dispute.

Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor MMA

The call was addressed to “Artem, the fanny, fairy pad, Lobov,” McGregor claimed. I want to fight you at 10:30 tonight. I’m going to SBG Concorde to meet you, and we’re going to battle for everything. Defamation attorneys have been messaging me about filing a lawsuit against me.

To paraphrase, “You’re a tiny blouse, buddy. I’ll be at SBG Concord at 10:30 tonight to settle this once and for all. Come on, you little blouse, respond to this f summons.

McGregor and Lobov, both Irish boxers who had trained under head coach John Kavanagh, were longtime friends before the case.

Lobov was a regular presence at all of McGregor’s training camps and often appeared by his side during fight weeks across the world.

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The Russian-born fighter, who last competed in July 2021, got caught in the middle of the feud between Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov, the former lightweight champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. During a heated incident in the hotel hosting UFC 223, Nurmagomedov and members of his entourage were shown around Lobov in a video that was shared online.

Artem Lobov OKBET MMA

As a result, McGregor traveled to New York to get retribution by attacking the bus on which Nurmagomedov was riding.

As their legal dispute goes to Irish courts, it seems that McGregor and Lobov have cut all contacts with one another.