MMA NEWS | Anderson Silva Dispels KSI’s “Rumors” Concerning Paul Fight

MMA NEWS | Anderson Silva Dispels KSI’s “Rumors” Concerning Paul Fight

October 27, 2022 Off By seookbet

GAME OKBET : Just days before his fight with Jake Paul, YouTuber Anderson Silva has addressed the speculations that have been swirling about him.

An interview with MMA Weekly sparked rumors that he had been knocked out twice while sparring. However, Silva clarified that he was to blame for the misunderstanding due to a mistake in his translation. Before Silva could set the record straight, many others, including KSI, had already begun spreading the false information.

The popular YouTube fighter from the United Kingdom made his feelings known.

Anderson Silva Offers a Rebuttal to KSI

“Before his bout with Jake Paul, Anderson Silva revealed he had been knocked out twice. I suppose we can predict the outcome of this situation.

For those who can’t tell what KSI means by this, he’s implying that Jake Paul wouldn’t have a hard time defeating a 50-year-old who’s been knocked out.

However, Anderson Silva stepped in to reprimand KSI and admonish him for his hasty post.

Please don’t go about spreading rumors that were just written poorly, young guy. You and Jake serve as wonderful role models for young people. Construct as a team. To avoid being burned,

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Silva has been considered a gentleman in and out of the ring for quite some time now, earning him the title of “True Martial Artist.” In his time as UFC champion, he was widely considered the deadliest striker on the planet. At the age of 50, he is still going strong and has defeated boxing legends like as Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and Tito Ortiz on his way to the championship bout with current champion Jake Paul.

KSI has tried his hand at boxing before, most notably fighting two opponents in a single evening. Nonetheless, his competition was not very impressive. The long-rumored bout between KSI and Jake Paul may never happen given that it seems Paul has much surpassed KSI in boxing abilities and is looking at much more challenging opponents.