A new Filipino all-star redemption squad, Blacklist Rivalry, will compete in the DPC 2023 season

A new Filipino all-star redemption squad, Blacklist Rivalry, will compete in the DPC 2023 season

November 26, 2022 Off By seookbet

Blacklist Rivarly : Tryke Gutierrez, CEO of Tier One Entertainment, has fulfilled a lifelong goal by assembling an all-Filipino Dota 2 redeem team.

Tier One’s esports arm, Blacklist International, teamed up with Rivalry to form Blacklist Rivalry for the DPC 2023 season.

In order to have a competitive Dota 2 team, the Filipino organization Blacklist Rivalry has recruited experienced players Carlo “Kuku” Palad, Timothy “Tims” Randrup, Marc Polo “Raven” Fausto, Nico “eyyou” Barcelon, and Karl “Karl” Baldovino.

One of the most successful teams in the DPC offseason was Tier One, which was able to acquire many veteran players from Southeast Asia.

After two seasons with T1 in the DPC, Kuku and Karl have decided to switch teams and join Blacklist. Meanwhile, after spending the previous two years with Fnatic, Raven will be rejoining with his former comrades from Geek Fam.

Team members Tims, a past DPC Major champion who most recently played for BOOM Esports, and eyyou, a seasoned Filipino player who competed for Polaris Esports in the previous DPC season, round out the roster.

Indeed, the “Filipino redemption team” moniker given to Blacklist’s new Dota 2 group is very apt. The team is comprised of players that have all earned widespread support among Filipino Dota 2 fans at different stages in their careers.

Blacklist Rivalry

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One of the greatest shocks in Dota 2 history was accomplished by Raven, Kuku, and eyyou of TNC in 2016.

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OG’s powerhouse squad was the clear favorite to win TI6, having won two Dota 2 Majors that DPC season. On the other hand, the European team lost to the underdog TNC in the second round of the lower bracket at TI6.

All three of the former TNC players, together with Samson “Sam H” Hidalgo and Jimmy “DeMoN” Ho, defeated OG in two straight games, 2-0, to knock them out of TI6. It was one of the most heralded victories in the history of Philippine Dota 2 teams.

The lineup for Dota 2 that Blacklist Rivalry fields

(1) Marc Polo “Raven” Fausto

(2) Karl “Karl” Baldovino

(3) Carlo “Kuku” Palad

(4) Timothy “Tims” Randrup

(5) Nico “eyyou” Barcelon

Due to Blacklist’s acquisition of RSG’s seat in the DPC Southeast Asia Division I regional competition, the newly established team will not have to play in the open qualifications or in the lesser DPC Division II.

Blacklist will go up against teams like Fnatic, BOOM Esports, Talon Esports, Team SMG, Execration, Lilgun, and whomever replaces T1 in the standings.