DOTA 2 NEWS | Team Aster isn’t concerned about Chinese Dota 2 despite less players

DOTA 2 NEWS | Team Aster isn’t concerned about Chinese Dota 2 despite less players

October 26, 2022 Off By seookbet

GAME OKBET : Out of the four remaining teams at The International 2022, only Team Aster is not from Western Europe. As regional favorites stumbled, China’s last line of defense surpassed expectations. With Royal Never Give Up’s unexpected exit due to health problems, PSG.LGD also finished worse than it has in previous years at The International.

After Somnus and Faith bian announced their retirements, Aster was left as the only top-tier Chinese team with a complete squad. The absence of fresh talent in the Chinese Dota 2 landscape may make it difficult for their competitors to replace the vacancies in their rosters.

Team Aster VS PSG.LGD


Cheng “Mad” Han, coach of Aster, addressed the matter during today’s TI11 press conference, voicing his worries and aspirations for the future of Dota 2 in China.

Most young people, Mad observed, are more interested in playing mobile games than Dota. So, “there has been a clear decrease in player count in the area compared to South America and Russia.”

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Despite the data, Mad is certain that China still has undiscovered Dota 2 potential, and he assured everyone that there will always be a place on the stage for those willing to put in the work to become better players.

To many, China was the best Dota region in 2011 when the inaugural TI was held. Since the Chinese were so far ahead of everyone else, it didn’t take long for Western teams to fly over whenever they were invited to a competition in the area. As the game progressed, though, this changed. Before 2016, the region was still bringing home the Aegis of Champions every two years, but since then it has gone without a TI title.

After more than six years since Aegis followed China’s lead and collapsed, this year’s optimism in the area is pinned on Aster.