WILDRIFT NEWS | WCS Finals 2022: RRQ Chazz’s game-changing Baron steal

WILDRIFT NEWS | WCS Finals 2022: RRQ Chazz’s game-changing Baron steal

October 26, 2022 Off By seookbet

GAME OKBET : In the Wild Rift Champions Southeast Asia (WCS Finals 2022). After a 3-0 sweep of Persis Esports in the upper bracket quarterfinals, RRQ met Flash Wolves .

To avoid the losers’ bracket, the Taiwanese squad would eventually prevail in a thrilling 3-2 series and relegate RRQ. There were moments of greatness throughout the series, however.

In Game Three, Jungler Charles “Chazz” Esguerra went off on Irelia, stealing a Baron and turning the momentum of the match away from the Flash Wolves.

At the 2022 World Championship of Stealth, RRQ Chazz pulls off a spectacular baron theft versus the Flash Wolves.

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The third game of the best-of-five series between RRQ and the Flash Wolves was a nail-biter.

By the five-minute mark, RRQ had had a 2,500 gold lead and five kills under their belt. After winning many team battles and punishing the Filipino side for their blunders and lack of follow-up, Flash Wolves ultimately narrowed the deficit and grabbed the lead.

By the 25-minute mark, Flash Wolves had RRQ on the ropes and were trying to close out the game with a Baron Nashor kill. On the other hand, the King of Kings wasn’t going to give up without a fight.

Using the Flash spell and Irelia’s Bladesurge to increase his range, Chazz smashed into Baron Nashor’s pit. With the help of Vanguard’s Edge and Smite, he was able to seize Baron Nashor from his opponents.

Warrior in the middle of the pack Mr. “Bruce” Chiu Unfortunately for Chih-Chun, his Diana was caught up in the pursuit that ensued after the Baron battle, and Wang “Ysera” Tsung-Camille, Chih’s who was playing Baron, was annihilated by RRQ’s Nexus.

RRQ Chazz’s game-changing Baron steal


Suddenly, the tide swung in RRQ’s favor as two Wolves players went down.

RRQ didn’t spend any time capitalizing on the Hand of Baron bonus, which strengthened their minions and ultimately let them to destroy the towers and Nexus of the Wolves and claim victory in Game 3.

With a 78 percent kill participation rate and a 4.67 KDA, RRQ Chazz was voted the game’s most valuable player.

On May 6 at 5 p.m. GMT+8, RRQ will play the Thai squad Buriram United Esports in the second semifinal of the lower bracket.