PGA | New TGL members Jon Rahm and Justin Thomas are innovators who welcome change

PGA | New TGL members Jon Rahm and Justin Thomas are innovators who welcome change

December 1, 2022 1 By seookbet

New TGL members : The gaming community is a part of Jon Rahm‘s life. This guy is a lifetime fan of Call of Duty and he always carries his Nintendo Switch with him when he travels.

His curiosity led him to focus on the recently proposed TGL. This Thursday, TGL, a screen golf league, revealed that Rahm and Justin Thomas will be joining the league as members. The league’s first season would begin on Monday evenings in January 2024.

JOHN RAHM New TGL members
Jon Rahm new TGL members

Six teams of three players each will compete in the first season of the TGL, with Rahm and Thomas joining Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy as confirmed players. A virtual course and technologically advanced short game complex will be part of the 15-match regular season that will culminate in the semifinals and finals.

At the Hero World Challenge in the Bahamas this week, Rahm said, “It’s something so out-of-the-box.” Not many sports can have a virtual simulation league like we’re planning to have, and none have done it before. It’s fantastic that we have the means and the opportunity to achieve this.

justin thomas
Justin Thomas new TGL members

As one commentator put it, “It’s a real chance to develop the game and maybe attract an audience that wasn’t interested in golf as well.”

Golf’s analogue to a more conventional athletic venue, according to Rahm, is the famous par-3 16th hole at the WM Phoenix Open. TGL will give golf the feel of an indoor sport like basketball or box lacrosse by allowing spectators to engage with players in an arena environment.

New TGL members

okbet golf games

Electronic gaming has been more popular among spectators in recent years. Esports include anything from multiplayer war games like League of Legends to sports sims like Madden NFL.

Statista reports that in 2018, the United States esports business earned $243 million, and that 73.86 million people tuned in to witness the 2021 League of Legends World Championship Final.

While on the road, several PGA TOUR players bring their video game consoles. Greyson Sigg, better known as “Turbs,” often engages in video gaming as a means of relaxing after a particularly intense round of competition. A chess fanatic, Sahith Theegala gladly gives out his handle (srtheegala) and encourages opponents to take him up on his offers to play.

To expand professional golf’s fan base, TGL is establishing links between TOUR players and the rapidly growing esports business. The initial roster, which includes 82-time TOUR champion Woods and three other current global top-10 players, is a solid first step in the right direction.

I believe that “golf is still doing very, really well,” and “for us to attempt to use these possibilities to simply broaden the horizonsā€¦” To quote Thomas: “Just some extra delight and excitement to the game that, ideally, will continue to push it up and up, for the people that are physically there watching and the ones who are watching on TV.”

Since the birth of his son Kepa, Rahm’s gaming frequency has decreased somewhat. Nonetheless, he follows developments in the market and stays abreast of new products.

Yes, you may include TGL in that group.

According to Rahm, the possibility is there, and the dynamic list of investors in TGL’s parent business TMRW Sports, which includes a broad spectrum of players from the NFL, NBA, F1, and more, demonstrates the enthusiasm that many of us have about being part in it.

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I can’t wait to get the first game underway and see out how things go. Taking part in an event that takes place in an arena is not something we do. It’s probably just the Phoenix’s 16th hole. To watch it unfold in front of an audience excites me much.


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